27 May 2019 – Consultant Engagement Review Position Paper

CWMF2 Workstream: Consultant Engagement Review
Objective: Enhancing the service delivery of Consultant Technical Professionals (CTPs).
Through: 1.         Detailed Project Briefs;

2.         Detailed Scope of Services;

3.         Detailed Fee Breakdown;

4.         Establishment of Project Teams with clear reporting lines.

and a range of secondary review topics that will change the risk balance in the conditions of engagement and aspects of the procurement process.

The Report on the Performance of the Public Works Contract, which was published in 2014, identified shortcomings across a range of areas that were contributing to poor project outcomes with regards to timely delivery, quality and cost.

It highlighted the very competitive tendering environment in the period 2009 – 2013 that followed the economic downturn that impacted both the price bid on public works contracts and construction consultancy alike.  With respect to the engagement of consultancy, it identified a link between low fees and poor service delivery.

Contracting authorities continue to report disparities with the level of service they expect and that being delivered raising questions of resourcing and sustainable fees.  This is resulting in:

  • Information deficits in the Works Requirements provided in the construction tender stage;
  • Delays to the project programme;
  • Level of resources applied in the construction stage insufficient to ensure that progress and quality on site is to the standard required.

Through engagement with the professional bodies that represent Consultant Technical Professionals, (CTPs) and public sector bodies tasked with the delivery of the National Development Plan it has been determined that better definition of the service that is required of CTPs has the potential to significantly improve service delivery and project outcomes.

The position paper titled “Consultant Engagement Review” is now available to view here

This paper is being published as part of the development of the next generation of the Capital Works Management Framework, (CWMF) being undertaken by the Office of Government Procurement in consultation with the Government Contracts Committee for Construction.

Submissions are invited from interested parties by 24 June 2019, and should be submitted to CWMF2Submissions@ogp.gov.ie. Please note that submissions on this position paper will be published on the Construction Procurement Reform website.