4 July 2016 – Minor revisions to ITTW1 (Instructions to Tenderers for use with the Restricted Procedure for Works Contractors); ITTW1a (Restricted Procedure for Works Contractors where the Contract to be awarded is PW-CF2, PW-CF4, PW-CF7 or PW-CF8); and ITTW2 (Instruction to Tenderers for use with the Open Procedure for Works Contractors)

Minor revisions have been made to the ITTW1 (versions 1.7 and v2.0); ITTW1a (version 1.0); and ITTW2 (versions 1.4 and 2.0) to provide clarification to Award Criteria. Where the award criterion is the Most Economically Advantageous Tender meeting the specified minimum criteria (if any) as stated in the Particulars; the formulae to be used must be provided in Section 9.6 Assessment of Other Criteria.