12 January 2017 – Instructions to Tenderers

Please note that the links to the Public Works Contracts on the Construction Procurement Reform website in the Particulars Section of the following Instructions to Tenderers have been amended to reflect the mandatory requirement for contracting authorities to use the amended forms of Public Works Contracts with a cited revision reference commencing with v2 on all works procurements commencing from 9th January 2017.  As this is an administrative amendment only, there is no change to the version number or date of the documents.

  • ITTW 1 v2.1 dated 4th July 2016
  • ITTW1a v1.1 dated 4th July 2016
  • ITTW2 v2.1 dated 4th July 2016
  • ITTW1 v1.8 dated 4th July 2016
  • ITTW2 v1.5 dated 4th July 2016