22 January 2019 – WE 1.0 Weather Events

Since WE 1.0 Weather Events (v1.0 28 July 2009) was published a number of changes have taken place. 

The automation of Met Éireann’s synoptic network, which measures all parameters (including wind) was completed in 2012, which resulted in an increase in the number of stations measuring wind, and the closure/relocation of a small number of stations.

In addition to the synoptic network, the climatological/rainfall network has been automated and as a result a number of the stations for Air and Precipitation thresholds no longer take readings.  However the stations now will provide readings for the foreseeable future.

On the method of percentile calculation, the calculation will continue as is but with one small change. In the previous calculations, a station was used where there was a minimum of ten years data, and the entire data series was used, including estimates for massing data.  This has now been changed to a minimum of 10 years and maximum of 30 years, this is because 30 years is a standard climatological period, and will give a consistent set of data for all stations, for the same more recent period.

A summary of the weather stations is available here.

Click here to download Weather Events WE 1.0 v1.1 22/01/2019 (PDF format).