29 July 2021 – Publication of Covid-19 Clause in Public Works Contracts

The Office of Government Procurement (OGP) has today published updated versions of the CWMF template public works contracts.

These contract forms now include a new ‘Covid-19 Mandatory Closure’ clause which provides Employers and Contractors with a clear process to extend time and, where appropriate, share certain costs in the event of a mandatory closure of a site due to Covid-19. These contract amendments are designed to provide certainty to both parties in the event of such a closure and enable the more accurate pricing of risk in public works tenders.

In addition to updated public works contracts, the OGP has also today published amended Forms of Tender and Schedules (FTS1-5) and guidance notes, one new Model Form (MF 1.31, Site Closure Costs Supplement), and one new guidance note (GN 1.5.4, Covid-19 and the Public Works Contracts) in order to fully implement the Covid-19 clause. The new guidance note, GN 1.5.4, may be referred to for a full introduction and guide to the operation of the clause.

The full list of amendments made is available here.