9 December 2019 – Revisions Made to Execution Blocks of Forms within the CWMF Pillar 1: Public Works Contracts

Section 64 of the Land and Conveyancing Act 2009 removed the requirement for an individual to use a seal (i.e. a personal seal) in order to execute a Deed.

Accordingly, the OGP has amended the execution blocks of various forms within Pillar 1 of the Capital Works Management Framework (CWMF) and removed provision for an attorney’s personal seal (where the Deed is executed by way of power of attorney), a contractor’s personal seal (where the contractor is an individual), or a project manager’s personal seal (where the project manager is an individual).

These amendments have been made to the Appointment of Project Supervisor forms for PW-CF6-8 and PW-CF11, the Performance Bonds of PW-CF6 and PW-CF7, the Agreements for PW-CF1-5, and various Model Forms. Details of the revisions made are available here.

All other formalities relating to the execution of a Deed remain unchanged