16 August 2017 – Method of Measurement for Road Works

The term ‘Method of Measurement for Road Works’ is included in a number of the CWMF procurement templates and guidance material. It refers to the method of measurement that is required to be used on schemes funded by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII). It has been brought to our attention that the title of this document has been changed. The revised title is now Requirements for Measuring and Pricing (RMP).

From today the following templates have been updated to include the revised reference where the Bill of Quantities or Pricing Document requires definition:

Suitability Assessment Questionnaires:
QW1 (v2.0)
QW4 (v1.0)

Forms of Tender and Schedules:
FTS3 (v2.2)
FTS5 (v2.2)
FTS13 (v1.0)

Instead of ‘Method of Measurement for Road Works’ the reference is now to ‘TII’s Requirements for Measuring and Pricing (RMP).’

Guidance Note GN 1.5.3 (v1.2) has also been amended to update this reference.

The revision references for these documents have not been changed since these changes are not considered material.