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The Office of Government Procurement (OGP) operates as an office of the Department of Public Expenditure, NDP Delivery and Reform. The OGP is responsible for advising, developing and implementing national policy on public procurement, in addition to its role as a central purchasing body. 

Within the OGP, the Construction Procurement Policy Unit (CPPU) has responsibility for all policy aspects associated with the procurement of works contractors and construction related service providers, including implementation of the Capital Works Management Framework (CWMF). The CPPU manages the CWMF website.

Capital Works Management Framework

The Capital Works Management Framework (CWMF) is a structure that has been developed to deliver the Government’s objectives in relation to public sector construction procurement reform. It is an integrated set of contractual provisions, guidance material and technical procedures which covers all aspects of the delivery process of a public works project from inception to final project delivery and review.

The structure of this strategic framework is closely aligned with and complements the Public Spending Code developed by the Department of Public Expenditure, NDP Delivery and Reform.

The CWMF is for the use by contracting authorities involved in the expenditure of public funds on construction projects and related consultancy services.  The use of the framework should result in a more cost effective delivery of public works projects because of the more systematic and detailed approach to, among other things, planning (both preparatory and detailed), capital budgeting as well as design and construction cost control.

Read an overview of the CWMF (PDF) 

The CWMF website

It is important to note that the CWMF website is a live portal, and guidance is updated on an ongoing basis.

The website follows the structure of the CWMF. It consists of a suite of best practice guidance, standard contracts and generic template documents that form four pillars that support the Framework. The pillars are:

  1. Public Works Contracts: A suite of standard forms of construction contracts and associated model forms, model invitations to tender, forms of tender & schedules, arbitration rules and notes on authorised bonding businesses and weather events
  2. Conditions of Engagement: The standard conditions of engagement for consultants and associated model forms, model invitations to tender, forms of tender & schedules and arbitration rules
  3. Cost Planning Control and Suitability Assessment: Standard templates to record cost planning and control information, and template questionnaires used to assess the suitability of consultants and contractors.
  4. Guidance notes: a comprehensive suite of guidance notes aimed at facilitating the implementation of the Government’s reforms in construction procurement.

The website also contains key updates to the CWMF, and links to government Circulars and regulations that provide information and guidelines on laws and procedures. There are also useful links to other websites.

Previous versions of CWMF documents are kept in the Archive section of the website.

Purpose of the CWMF Archive section

All previous versions of CWMF documents are available in the Archive section of the website. Only current forms and documents are available on the main section of the website.

The archive keeps track of changes to CWMF documents. Where a document is revised, it does not replace a previous version of a document used in an existing contract. 

The archive helps you keep track of the terms, obligations, performance, and compliance of the vendor, as well as protect your legal rights and interests in case of disputes or audits.

Where a CWMF document is revised, the original document will be migrated to this Archive, and will be accompanied by a Change Note that describes the revisions to the document. The version number and publication date may be found in the footer of the relevant document.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the CWMF and this website, you can contact the Construction Procurement Policy Unit at construction@per.gov.ie.