Archived – Pillar 4: Inflation/ Supply Chain Delay Co-operation Framework

For contracts published before 17th July 2023

Guidance notes and Frequently asked Questions

Guidance Note on Inflation/ Supply Chain Delay for use with: PW-CF1 – PW-CF5 (PDF)Guidance Note on Inflation/ Supply Chain Delay for use with: PW-CF6  (PDF)Frequently Asked Questions  (PDF)

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Inflation/Supply Chain Delay Co-operation Framework Agreement

Inflation Calculation  Workbook 



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Co-operation Framework Agreement (PW-CF1-5) v1.1

Workbook-1 REV1

Workbook-3 REV2.1


Co-operation framework agreement (PW – CF6)

Workbook-5 REV0

Workbook-7 REV0

Civil Engineering



Co-operation Framework Agreement (PW-CF1-5) v1.1

Workbook-2 REV1

Workbook-4 REV2


Co-operation Framework Agreement (PW – CF6)

Workbook-6 REV0

Workbook-8 REV0

Revision Log:

Revisions Log – Workbooks 1 – 4 ( PW-CF1-5)
Revisions Log – Co-operation Framework Agreement (PW-CF1-5)
Revisions Log – Guidance Note for use with (PW-CF1-5)

Video Tutorial:

Introduction to Inflation Calculation Workbooks (YouTube)

Worked example , brief and spreadsheet.

Inflation Calculation Online Tutorials (YouTube)

OGP Inflation workbook example brief (PDF)

Worked Example IF_EGP_W3-REV2 (Excel)

PW-CF1 – PW-CF5 Co-operation Framework Letter Agreement

PW-CF1-5 – Co-operation Framework Agreement v1.0 Changes 05/07/2022