8 June 2022 – Publication of Inflation Calculation Workbooks for Short Public Works Contract (PW-CF6)

Further to the publication of details on 20 May 2022 of the Inflation/Supply Chain Delay Co-operation Framework Agreement for PW-CF1 – PW-CF5, the OGP published on Friday 3 June 2022 the suite of documents associated with the Short Public Works Contract (PW-CF6).  These include the Letter of Agreement, guidance and associated workbooks to assist contracting authorities in calculating the Ex Gratia Payment for PW-CF6.

The OGP has also published a series of video tutorials to assist contracting authorities in the use of the template workbooks, a worked example and FAQs.

All of the above are available on a new dedicated page Details of Inflation/ Supply Chain Delay Co-operation Framework, which can be accessed directly from the link in the top banner on our website (https://constructionprocurement.gov.ie).