Sustainability, Green Public Procurement and the CWMF

13 May 2024

The OGP has published a sustainability information section on the CWMF website.

Leading on sustainability is central to the Programme for Government and a number of key Government strategies and action plans, as well as Ireland’s commitment to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda by 2030.

Part of the remit of the CWMF is to ensure public works become more sustainable, while helping to deliver the National Development Plan. If you are working on behalf of a Contracting Authority and looking for information on embedding sustainability within your works procurement, this section of the CWMF website has been designed to help you.

The section will be regularly updated, and includes information on:

  • Green Public Procurement
  • Climate Action Plan 2024
  • UN Sustainability Goals in Construction
  • Links to many useful Sustainability Resources

Visit the Sustainability and GPP section