Guidance on reducing embodied carbon in construction published by Government

28th May 2024

The Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Peter Burke will soon write to public bodies to advise them of new guidance when designing public projects, and procuring cement and concrete products in particular. The guidance ensures a consistent approach to reducing the embodied carbon – emissions associated with extracting and producing construction materials – in construction projects procured by government departments and their agencies. Continue reading

Amendments made to Reserved Specialist documents

01 May 2024

Amendments have been made to align the NN Subcontract price variation clause with the Public Works Contract PW-CF1 to PW-CF5

The Office of Government Procurement (OGP) and the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) have published a revised suite of template contract documentation relating to the appointment by a main Contractor of a Reserved Specialist using Public Works Contract forms PW-CF1 to PW-CF5. Continue reading

FAQ published for Price Variation Workbooks

22 March 2024

The OGP has published a Frequently Asked Questions document for the Price Variation Workbooks in Pillar 3. It includes guidance on how to rebase Consumer Price Index data (to December 2023=100) to take into account the recent CSO updates to the Consumer Price Index. Continue reading

Minister of State Smyth welcomes Sustainable Public Procurement publication from the OGP

10 January 2024

The Office of Government Procurement has published ‘Opportunities and approaches for Sustainable Public Procurement: A reference for public procurement practitioners and policy makers’. This reference, for the first time, brings together in one place the wide range of international, European, and national policies and guidance across both green and socially responsible public procurement. Continue reading