Suitability Assessment Questionnaires

The suitability assessment procedure involves inviting applicants to submit information (and their named specialists where so requested by the Employer) in response to a customised standard questionnaire. The Employer uses the information in the responses to determine which applicants (under a restricted procedure) or which tenderers (under an open procedure) meet the suitability standards and which do not. The standard approach to suitability assessment is intended to ensure only those service providers or works contractors that qualify against certain objective and transparent, non-discriminatory, proportionate and fair criteria progress to the next stage of the procurement procedure for publicly funded projects.

The Capital Works Management Framework includes a number of suitability assessment questionnaires that are used in different circumstances, as outlined in list below.

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Suitability Assessment for Service Providers

QC1 Suitability Assessment for Service Providers, Restricted Procedure

QC2 Suitability Assessments for Service Providers, Open Procedure 

NEW: QC Appendices for use with either QC1 or QC2 

Suitability Assessment for Works Contractors

QW1 Suitability Assessment for Works Contractors, Restricted Procedure

How to use QW1

QW1 – v2.0 03/05/16

QW1 Supplements: 3.4.1(QW1) v2.0    3.4.2(QW1) v2.0

QW1 Appendices

A(QW1)   A1(QW1)   B1(QW1)   B2(QW1)    B3(QW1)   C1(QW1)   C2(QW1)   C3(QW1) C4(QW1)   C5(QW1)   C6(QW1)   D(QW1)   E(QW1)   F(QW1)   G(QW1)   H(QW1)   I(QW1)   J(QW1)   K(QW1)

QW2 Suitability Assessment for Works Contractors, Open Procedure

How to use QW2

QW2 – v1.4 27/01/14

QW2 Supplements 3.4.1(QW2)   3.4.2(QW2)   3.4.3(QW2) 3.4.4(QW2)

QW2 Appendices

A(QW2)   A1(QW2)   B1(QW2)   B2(QW2)   B3(QW2)   C1(QW2)   C2(QW2)   C3(QW2) C4(QW2)   C5(QW2)   C6(QW2)   D(QW2)   E(QW2)   F(QW2)   G(QW2)   H(QW2)   I(QW2) 

QW3 Suitability Assessment for Works Specialists for specialist areas of work 

How to use QW3

QW3v1.2 27/01/14

QW3 Supplements  3.4.1(QW3)   3.4.2(QW3)

QW3 Appendices

 A(QW3)    A1(QW3) B1(QW3)   B2(QW3)   C1(QW3)   C3(QW3) C4(QW3)   C5(QW3)   C6(QW3)   D(QW3)   E(QW3)   F(QW3)   G(QW3)   H(QW3)

QW4 Suitability Assessment for Reserved Specialists, Restricted Procedure 

QW4 – v1.0 03/05/16

QW4 Supplements   3.4.1(QW4)   3.4.2(QW4)

QW4 Appendices   

 A(QW4)   A1(QW4)   B1(QW4)   B2(QW4)   C1(QW4)   C3(QW4)   C5(QW4)   D(QW4)   E(QW4)   F(QW4)   G(QW4)   H(QW4)   I(QW4)   J(QW4)   K(QW4)