Suitability Assessment Questionnaires

The suitability assessment procedure involves inviting applicants to submit information in response to a customised standard questionnaire. The Employer uses the information in the responses to determine which applicants – under a restricted procedure – or which tenderers – under an open procedure – meet the suitability standards.

The standard approach to suitability assessment is intended to ensure only those service providers or works contractors that qualify against certain objective and transparent, non-discriminatory, proportionate and fair criteria progress to the next stage of the procurement procedure for publicly funded projects.

The Capital Works Management Framework includes a number of suitability assessment questionnaires that are used in different circumstances, as outlined in the list below

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Suitability Assessment for Service Providers

QC1 Suitability Assessment for Service Providers, Restricted Procedure

QC1 Part 1  – v3.0 09/02/22 
QC1 Part 2 – v1.0 09/02/22 

QC2 Suitability Assessments for Service Providers, Open Procedure

QC2 Part 1 – v3.0 09/02/22
QC2 Part 2 – v1.0 09/02/22

QC Appendices for use with either QC1 or QC2 

The following appendices may be used with either a Restricted or Open Procedure (QC1/QC2).

Appendix A (QC1 and QC2 ) – Applicants Self Declaration re: Article 57 – 09/02/22

Appendix B1 (QC1 and QC2) – List of Previous Projects/Certificate of Satisfactory Execution – 09/02/22

Appendix B3 (QC1 and QC2) – Certificate of Satisfactory Delivery of Services – 09/02/22

Appendix C (QC1 and QC2) – Letter of Undertaking re: Insurance – 09/02/22

Appendix D (QC1 and QC2)  – Letter from Entity being Relied Upon – 09/02/22

Suitability Assessment for Works Contractors

Read this Information Note for SAQs – 28/07/23

Errata note 04/10/2023

QW1 Suitability Assessment for Works Contractors, Restricted Procedure

QW1 – Part 1 v2.1 28/07/23

QW2 Suitability Assessment for Works Contractors, Open Procedure

QW2 – Part 1 v2.0 28/07/23

QW3 Suitability Assessment for Works Specialists (PW-CF2 or PW-CF4 only)

QW3a – V2.0 17/08/23

QW3b to be uploaded shortly


QW Part 2 

This part can be used with QW1 or QW2 or QW3, as appropriate.

QW – Part 2 – v1.0 17/08/23

Health and Safety Supplements

These Health and Safety Supplements can be used with either QW1, QW2 or QW3, as appropriate.

3.4.1 – HS Works Contractor  v3.0 28/07/23
3.4.2 – HS PSCS v3.0 28/07/23
3.4.3 – HS Works Specialist with Design v3.0 28/07/23

Appendices for use with either QW1 or QW2 or QW 3

These appendices can be used with QW1 or QW2, as appropriate.

A – Applicants Self Declaration re Regulation 57 B1- List of Previous Works Projects with CEE B2 – Certificate of Satisfactory Project Execution B3 – Certificate of Satisfactory Delivery of Services 
C – Banker’s Letter 
D1 – (QW1) Letter of Undertaking re. Bond D2 – (QW2) Letter of Undertaking re. Bond E – Declaration in relation to Russian Sanctions F – Declaration re International Procurement Instrument