Capital Works Management Framework

The Capital Works Management Framework (CWMF) is a structure that has been developed to deliver the Government’s objectives in relation to public sector construction procurement reform. It consists of a suite of best practice guidance, standard contracts and generic template documents that form the four pillars that support the Framework, as shown below.


Which Form of Contract to Use

The standard suite of contracts in the Capital Works Management Framework consists of eleven generic forms (Contract Conditions) that can be used in different situations.

Before embarking on a public works project, the Contracting Authority / Employer needs to identify the contract type that is most suitable. It is at this stage, before significant design decisions are taken, that the type of contract should be selected. This will determine what Client activities will take place in the Planning Stage.

The following table summarises the circumstances in which each of the forms of contract is appropriate.

Employer Designed Contracts:


Nature of Works

Form of Contract

Value of Contract ≤ €1m

Building and Civil Engineering

PW-CF6 – Public Works Short Form of Contract for Public Building and Civil Engineering Works

Value of Contract > €1m and ≤ €5m

Building and Civil Engineering

PW-CF5 – Public Works Contract for Minor Building and Civil Engineering works designed by the Employer

Value of Contract > €5m


PW-CF1 – Public Works Contract for Building Works designed by the Employer


Civil Engineering

PW-CF3 – Public Works Contract for Civil Engineering Works designed by the Employer

Contractor Designed Contracts:



PW-CF2 – Public Works Contract for Building Works designed by the Contractor


Civil Engineering

PW-CF4 – Public Works Contract for Civil Engineering Works designed by the Contractor

Investigation Contracts:

Value of Contract ≤ €50,000

Investigation Works

PW-CF8 – Public Works Investigation Short Form of Contract

Value of Contract > €50,000

Investigation Works

PW-CF7 – Public Works Investigation Contract

Heritage Projects:


Protected structures, existing structures within the curtilage of a protected structure or the attendant ground, or structures to which the National Monuments Acts apply.

2- Contract Strategy – PW-CF7 or PW-CF8 and either PW-CF1, PW-CF3, PW-CF5 or PW-CF6

Framework Agreements:


A steady stream or pipeline of similar projects.

PW-CF9 – Framework Agreement

For Construction Work

Early Contractor Involvement:


For large projects with a value in excess of €100m or technically complex projects.
Permission must be sought from the GCCC in advance.

PW-CF10 – Public Works Contract for Early Collaboration

Term Maintenance and Refurbishment Contract:


For urgent or certain types of planned maintenance or refurbishment projects.

PW-CF11 – Term Maintenance and Refurbishment Contract

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