Archive Section

All previous versions of CWMF documents are available on this website.

How to use the archive

  • Click on the (More Information) link for the archived versions of each document
  • Click on the link in the first column for a specific version/date of the document
  • Details of the relevant changes are available by clicking on the corresponding ‘Changes’ link in the second column.

About the Archive

All previous versions of CWMF documents are available in the Archive section of the website. Only current forms and documents are available on the main section of the website.

The archive keeps track of changes to CWMF documents. Where a document is revised, it does not replace a previous version of a document used in an existing contract.

The archive helps you keep track of the terms, obligations, performance, and compliance of the vendor, as well as protect your legal rights and interests in case of disputes or audits.

Where a CWMF document is revised, the original document will be migrated to this Archive, and will be accompanied by a Change Note that describes the revisions to the document. The version number and publication date may be found in the footer of the relevant document.