Arbitration Rules

Disputes not resolved by conciliation are referred to arbitration under the Capital Works Management Framework.

The CWMF Arbitration Rules for use with Public Works and Services Contracts (AR1) have been developed to facilitate the fair, expeditious, and efficient resolution of the disputes in arbitration, avoiding delay and unnecessary or disportionate expense. The parties and the arbitral tribunal must take all steps reasonably required to facilitate that purpose.

CWMF Arbitration Rules (AR1) – v1.2 24/09/14 (DOC)

The arbitration clauses are specified according to contract as follows:

Contract Arbitration Clause
Standard Conditions of
Engagement for
Consultancy Services
COE1 Schedule Part A, Clause 16.5
Standard Conditions of
Engagement for
Archaeology Services
COE2 Schedule Part A, Clause 17.5