Update on amendments to the Public Works Contract

25 July 2023

Guidance Notes, Tranche 3 and Errata

Guidance Note 1.5.2

GN 1.5.2 Public Works Contracts: Price Variation Clauses has been published. This guidance note provides practical advice on the use of the Price Variation Clauses in use in the Public Works Contract forms PW-CF1 – PW-CF6.

Tranche 3

OGP will, this week, commence publication of Tranche 3 of the amendments to the suite of Public Works Contracts. Tranche 3 relates to Suitability Assessment Questionnaires QW1 to QW3, and associated documentation. We will publish an update in our News section.

Read our information note for the summary of amendments.

Addenda and Errata

The OGP has issued the following clarifications on the most recent document amendments to the Capital Works Management Framework. The online documents have been updated to reflect these changes. No new version numbers have been issued for these corrections.

Download Addenda and Errata 25-07-23