Build Digital release industry templates to allow organisations work in accordance with ISO 19650 and CWMF BIM requirements

18 January 2024

Build Digital have released two of the four Information Management Plans required to allow the industry to work in accordance with ISO 19650 and the CWMF BIM requirements.

The first two plans, which were released in 2023, are the Organisational Information Management Plan, which will allow clients to better identify and understand their information needs, and the Appointing Party Information Management Plan, which will assist them with communicating their information requirements to the supply chain in a consistent manner and reduce ambiguity. This will ensure that the client gets the information they need to make decisions during delivery and run the asset effectively and efficiently.

The Delivery Team Plan will be released in 2024. This plan will allow the supply chain to respond in a structured manner to the client’s information requirements. Having a consistent response will better allow the client to evaluate the returns and allow companies to show their unique selling points. This also will allow for standardisation from the supply chain. This will allow the supply chain to have prepared answers to tender questions that they can reuse; this standardisation will reduce the cost and time of companies to quote for work and allow a level playing field for SMEs.

The final plan is the Asset Information Management Plan, which will also be released in 2024. It contains the Asset Register and has a common structure, which will reduce time and cost but also allow automation and digital workflows for the information contained in the plan. Clients often receive safety files set up by the contractor’s perfected structure, which means facility managers have multiple asset information structures over the client portfolio.

These four plans contain several documents to work in accordance with ISO 19650 and the CWMF BIM requirements and can be tailored to the client’s and project’s needs.

The Plans support the full project lifecycle, with the Organisational Information Management Plan helping the client understand what is needed by the Organisation.

The Appointing Party Information Management Plan then converts this to a contractual document that specifies the information deliverables required during the project, this is included in the tender.

The Delivery Team Information Management Plan details the structure of the delivery team, the approach to preparing the deliverables and confirms the timeline of the information exchanges.

Finally, the Asset Information Management Plan documents the handover and operation information for the asset that will ensure the client has complete and verified information that is structured to how they operate their portfolio of assets.

Build Digital see its current template, Information Management Plans, as a starting point to allow discussion with the industry to develop them to the Irish market needs; this will involve ongoing engagement with the industry. Build Digital will be updating the plans with industry feedback and adding CWMF project management requirements as worked examples. The plans will set the culture in the industry and need to reflect OGPs CWMF and the Public Spending Code (PSC) and evolve to future versions.

From the blank template, the plans need to be built into detailed documents that capture standard information requirements for CWMF, PSC, and regulations (safety and environment). This will require ongoing consultation with all stakeholders over the coming year for the Mandate rollout.

Build Digital will also be working on the task of education and training around the understanding and use of these four key plans.

There will be continuous improvement in the plans and supporting documentation. Ensuring the use and relevance of the plans will be a greater task than creating the template plans in the first place.

Information Management Plans:


Appointing Party

Delivery Team

To be released in 2024


To be released in 2024