Useful CSO indices on the CWMF website

6 February 2024

OGP have published a selection of CSO indices on the Capital Works Management Framework (CWMF) website. The indices are automatically updated from the CSO website.

Given the focus on indexation in the public works contracts, it is useful to have page that links to the applicable indices as they are published. The page will save contracting authorities having to search the CSO website monthly or quarterly.

The page uses scripts from the website, which is an excellent resource.

The Indices currently available on the page are listed below:

  • Consumer Price Index
  • Wholesale Price Index (excluding VAT) for Building and Construction Materials – All subcategories
  • Wholesale Price Indices (excluding VAT) for Energy Products – Fuel Oil
  • Wholesale Price Indices (excluding VAT) for Energy Products – Gas Oil (other than autodiesel)
  • Consumer Price Index – Electricity

CSO Indices page